Why Story Exploratory?

You don't need to be overwhelmed, tired, or stressed out. 

We help you explore your story, embrace expansion, and live your best life. 

Let Story Exploratory be your guide!

Inspirational and fun writing activities within a group of curious and caring friends and led by a world class facilitator who always leads me to a hidden gem of a personal/professional takeaway. 

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Story Exploratory workshops not only help me grow as a writer and a teacher but are also one way I practice self care. 

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About Jen

Jen Vincent

Head Story Explorer

After growing up in a very white space, working in a variety of roles in education, and navigating the querying trenches as a writer, I was overwhelmed, stressed out, and tired. Let's face it, the system isn't designed to see and celebrate our unique, complex selves.

From feelings of not fitting in and not being enough to embracing my Latinx heritage, writing from a place of vulnerability and authenticity healed my heart. It also allowed me to see how literacy and social justice go hand in hand. The power of story helped me love myself. 

Exploring my story empowered me to embrace expansion and live my best life. Now I'm here to help you open your arms and step into your best life. Let me be your guide!